torsdag 2 maj 2013

Download VirtuaGirl HD - Desktop Strippers For PC and Mac

VirtuaGirl HD is the most enjoyable desktop stripper software on the web and it has recieved many positive comments. If you have visited a strip club then you know how nice it is to sit there and watch a couple of sexy girls doing their dances. Now, you can enjoy this kind of entertainment on your own PC or MAC. There is of course a difference between desktop strippers and real strippers and one of those is the comfort of watching the girls at your own home. You don't need to sneak away to a  dark strip club in order to enjoy some hot strippers anymore. You can also get to see any girl you like by downloading her card. The quality of the strippers in the HD version has also improved from previous versions. You can pick any type of show (nude or non-nude) and also more hardcore shows if you like. There is also a feature allowing you to dim the lights and watch the shows with a dark background. This makes it more fun to enjoy this software. If you work from your home PC and want to have something interesting and hot to watch while you work, then this really something for you.

Different and more fun compared to other types of entertainment

There is a difference between adult movies and virtuagirlhd. Adult movies are usually not "aimed" at you personally like these strippers. The girls in this software will look at you and smile while they dance and this makes the experience a lot more personal and intimate (why watch some adult actress have sex with another dude when you can have a desktop girl all for yourself?). You have probably already seen some of the girls from free galleries and you might already have a couple of favorite girls? Why not download their card and watch their show?   

There are thousands of girls for you to enjoy in a nude or non-nude full show whenever you like. The shows are usually 35-40 minutes, but you can skip to the favorite parts if you like. You are in full control all the way. 

There are about 1000+ girls and each one can be downloaded with peer-to-peer technology which is built in into the software. There are also several different bundles you can buy with different groups of girls or you can buy one girl at a time.

VirtuaGirl currently has over 20 million members and it was first released in 1998. Totem Entertainment,  the creators behind the product, have done an excellent job through the past 15 years by bringing a quality product people can trust and enjoy. You won't find this type of product anywhere else. What they have done is unqiue to the adult entertainment industry.

VirtuaGirl HD is distributed as freeware and you can download it here by clicking this link (instant download about 27 mb).  You will need to register an account (which is free) after install and then you can start downloading some demo girls.  You can download 10 demo girls each day if you don't want to buy a full show or if you  just want to have a quick look and find a girl you like. If, for any reason, you don't like the girls or the software, then you can easily uninstall it without any traces left.

VirtuaGirl HD (current version is and you will always get the latest version when downloading from this site) also works as a screen saver and there are also different options regarding backgrounds. You can place the girls in any background you like. Now, click the download url above, install VirtuaGirl (For PC or Mac) and find a few girls to watch!

I have a couple if personal favorites like Jana H in Californication. You have probably seen this girl in the promo materials such as banners and galleries. She is very popular but there are also other new hot girls to watch. You will never be bored since there are new girls being added on a regular basis. Don't forget to take the special offer on the first card you buy at a discount. I also suggest you take a look at Isabella Chrystin since she is very hot and exotic. There are also cards with two girls or more dancing together. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy some desktop strippers!

I'm going to let you discover the rest of what this product has to offer. There is nothing else to wait for if you haven't started the download yet. It is time for you to watch some new hot girls now!

In case you missed the download link - It's here ;)

Wait! There is more!

If you like watching desktop strippers like VirtuaGirl HD, then you may also like Desk Babes. This software is the "hardcore"-version of VirtuaGirlHD. You will be able to see girls have some fun with each other and do all kinds of dirty things on your desktop. There are currently over 1 million members enjoying Desk Babes. You can also take part in the community and post comments about girls and what you like and what you don't like. You will not be able to see these shows anywhere else. 

You can download deskbabes at their official website by clicking this link.

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